Ethiopian Airlines Seat Selection

Finding a comfortable seat on a flight can be challenging. Still, with Ethiopian Airlines seat selection, you can ensure that you and your loved ones are seated together and enjoy a pleasant and comfortable journey. Selecting your preferred seat guarantees your comfort and enhances your overall journey experience. However, selecting a seat can sometimes be confusing, with policies and fees to consider. To help navigate such situations, this article answers all your questions regarding Ethiopian Airlines seat selection.

Can I Choose a Seat on Ethiopian Airlines?

Regarding seat selection, Ethiopian Airlines understands and gives importance to the personal seating preferences of customers. Moreover, Ethiopian Airlines offers various seat selection options with additional benefits that meet your requirements. All the seating options cater to the various requirements of different flyers, as the Airline’s motive is to elevate their customers’ travel experience. On Ethiopian Airlines flights, you can choose your desired seat effortlessly, from aisle to window seats. 

What is Ethiopian Airlines Seat Selection Policy?

To select your preferred seat, you must comply with the policies of Ethiopian Airlines:

  • Ethiopian Airlines does not issue refunds for seat selections if you make changes or cancellations.

  • Ethiopian Airlines can cancel or change any flight, and the selected seats will be canceled. However, the Airline guarantees alignment with the required flight modifications.

  • Paid seats are not available for any modifications or changes. However, you can change the free seats within a certain duration. Remember this while choosing your desirable seat.

  • However, if the Airline modifies seats for any reason, such as safety, security, etc., you will instantly get your seat selection fee refund.

  • If you are traveling with your pet, you will not get seat access with extra legroom or emergency exit seats.

  • Additionally, if you are pregnant or traveling with a baby, you will not be eligible to occupy the emergency exit seats.

  • On all Ethiopian Airlines-operated flights, if you have mobility issues or are ill, you can select aisle or window seats to avoid blocking the emergency exit from the cabin.

How Do You Select Seats on Ethiopian Airlines?

Ethiopian Airlines offers various seat selection options, both online and offline. To select your seats, follow the instructions:

Online Seat Selection While Booking

  • Go to the Ethiopian Airlines official website.

  • Enter the details such as arrival and departure destination, date of journey, number of passengers, etc. 

  • Click on “Search flights.”

  • If booking with miles, click “Award ticket- Buy a ticket with miles” and log in to your membership account.

  • Various available flights will appear on the screen. Select the flight according to your convenience.

  • Then, add the Passenger’s details and proceed to additional services.

  • While you proceed further, you will see a “seat selection” option.

  • From the seat map, choose your desired seat.

  • Lastly, complete the payment process, and the Airline will send you the confirmation mail.

Online Seat Selection After Booking

  • Visit the Ethiopian Airline’s official website.

  • Search for the “seat selection” option on the homepage.

  • Enter your booking number or reservation code with the Passenger’s last name.

  • Your flight booking will appear on the screen.

  • There, you can find the “seat selection” option.

  • From the seat map, select your seat according to your requirements and preferences.

  • Lastly, pay the seat selection charges (if applicable).

  • You will get a confirmation mail with the ticket details.

Offline Ethiopian Seat Selection

  • To select seats via call, dial 1-844-402-8105.

  • Follow the IVR instructions according to your needs.

  • Within a few minutes, a Ethiopian airline representative will connect with you.

  • Provide all the details of your flight.

  • The representative will offer you the available seating options

  • Tell the representative your preferable seat and they will book the seat on your behalf.

  • Lastly, Ethiopian Airlines will send you a confirmation email.

Does Ethiopian Airlines Charge For Seat Selection?

Yes, Ethiopian Airlines charges a fee for seat selection. However, if you are a member of Ethiopian Shebamiles members, you will be eligible to avail of different seat selection advantages depending on your tier level. Additionally, you will not have to pay for seat selection if you travel in business (cloud 9) or economy class. But if you want to book your premium seat in the front row or exit rows with extra leg space, you must pay extra charges.


While flying with Ethiopian Airlines, you may want to choose your desired seat to sit with friends and family, a seat with a better view, or a seat with more leg space. Ethiopian Airlines seat selection fees vary according to different seating options and various factors. Various factors include fare class type, journey destination, etc. So get up and grab your preferred seat, as they are available for a limited time.

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Frequently Asked Question

A seat selection fee allows you to reserve a seat in your class of service. Each airline ticket has a confirmed seat, but most domestic airlines will charge an additional fee if you want to choose your seat location. These extras are not new.

Basic economy tickets don't provide complimentary seat selection in any cabin. In exchange for cheaper tickets, you can either pay for a seat assignment or wait until check-in and be randomly assigned a seat.

You will likely get assigned a seat during check-in (though you should still skip it if the Airline tries to tack on a fee) or, at the very least, at the gate. Again, You don't have to select a seat to get one. You might get stuck with a suboptimal one if you skip it.

Many airlines provide a seat map that allows passengers to see the available seats and choose a seat online. They can also use the map to select a window seat if one is available. Some airlines may also require a passenger to pay an extra fee for a window seat, so check the price before selecting a preferred seat.

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