Most Beautiful Places in North America

The states, along with the Great White North, is a collection of what we can call as the “Most Beautiful Places” in the world.  Some places are large water bodies like lake house, sea shores and beaches. Apart from that, other places comprises of simple elevated portion of earth crust like mountain place, hills and other.  All these places provide a perfect view to the visitors along with a peaceful environment far away from the hectic lifestyle of cities. Since every place is worthy enough to create a perfect holiday spot, not every places can be considered to be put on the top while making a list of these beautiful places.

Here we are going to present the list of some of the most beautiful places in North America that you can travel and find a perfect peace of mind. Hang-on with a little more to find your next holiday destination from the list below.

Visit Beautiful Places in North America

1. YellowStone National Park

The first ever national park of the world, the Yellow Stone National Park can introduce it viewers to many places which on seeing they cannot believe that existed on this earth. Among them is the turquoise Grand Prismatic Spring and the Yellowstone Falls. Not only the naturem but you can find a diversified Flora and Fauna which makes this places a perfect places to visit where you can isolate yourself from the whole world and have a peaceful time without any worries.

Another awesome thing to view while visiting Yellowstone National Park are the geysers located in various geothermal areas of Yellowstone National Park.

2. Acadia National Park

The Acadia Nartional Park is one of most beloved places in the states. The park includes mountains, ocean coastline, lakes, ponds and woodland. All these things makes it a perfect spot for any kind of tourist or a travellor. Another place to visit in the Acadia National Park is the Cadillac Mountain; one of the highest point in the Hancock country. The reason why Acadia can be the number one spot for any marine tourist is the presence of granite domes, glacial erratics, U-shaped Valleys and most importantly cobble beaches which can provide any visitor peace of mind instantly. Some famous places in Acadia National Park are listed below:

Bass Harbor Head Light:
This is the light house which is among the one of the famous spot to visit the Acadia National Park. View from here is amazing.

Blue Hill Bay:
The blue hill bay is another point where you can visit to explore various fauna most famously harbor seals.

Somes Sound:
It is a 5 mile long fjard, that divides the whole mount desert island in Half. bordered by three mountains, this place is the main site of Acadia National park.

3. Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a 277 mile long steep-sided canyon located in Arizona carved by the Colorado River. Considered as a holy site by the Pueblo People the Canyon along with the North and South rim are within the Grand Canyon National Park. Noticeable places in Grand Canyon includes Ribbon Falls, North Kaibab Trails, Ancestral Puebloans. Along with the Geography providing landscapes views which serves as an attraction for most of the tourist, the Grand Canyon is also a hotspot for the explorer searching for diversified culture. Tourist can start their expedition from the Marble Canyon (the starting point of Grand Canyon).

4. Hamilton Pool

The Hamilton Pool is a natural pool located in the Austin, Texas which serves as a recreational destination for various tourist, traveler and the local population. Surrounded by the limestones slabs with large stalactites grown on the high ceilings above. The pool reserve also serve as a home to various flora and fauna which also includes the endangered  golden-cheeked warbler. Cost to visit this reservation is around USD 12 with additional discount provide to senior and other veterans.

5. Yosemite National Park

After the Grand Canyon and the Yellowstone National Park, comes the Yosemite National park which is a collection of valley, high waterfall, and diverse flora and fauna. Cutting over the park, you can find hiking trails of over 800 miles that can make you cross over the river, ascend over mountain tops or get close enough to the waterfall. Along with the hiking experience, tourists can enjoy amazing landscape views and explore beautiful tunnels located on the western entrance of the Yosemite valley. Another spectacular view in Yosemite Valley is Glacier Point, where one can capture awesome views of the three waterfalls along with Yosemite Valley. Apart from that, other noticeable places here comprise of Merced River, and El Captain Cathedral Rocks. Some of the places which you can find attractive in Yosemite National Park are given below:

Cook’s Meadow
Yosemite Falls
Vernal falls
Bridalveil Falls
Giant Sequoias

6. Zion National Park

Another amazing place for people to enjoy biodiversity is Zion National Park. The park is no doubt a natural wonder of the world. Zion Park serves as the main attraction to horseback riders, mountain climbers, and hikers. Amazing views which you can enjoy here are the sandstone cliffs. Diversified flora and fauna include the desert bighorn sheep, canyon wrens, dippers, and gnatcatchers. Famous viewpoints include The Subway, Zion Canyon, Angels Landing, Kolob Arch, and The Narrows. Various Geographical sites and formation which provides an amazing viewpoint are Dakota, Carmel and Temple Cap Formation, Kayenta Chinle Formation, Kaibab Limestone and many others.

7. Mendenhall Ice Caves, USA

Located in Alaska, these indigeniously beautiful ice caves are in the 19 kn long glacier. Geographically speaking, these caves are the spacious cavity formed in the blue ice. Reaching to the exact point for getting an awesome view is itself is an adventure itself. The reason why it becomes more dangerous because of the constantly moving and melting glacier. The only reason why this natural places exist is the melting of the glacier. That creates spacious cavity which we calls Ice caves.

8. Page, Arizona USA

The page is a desert town located on the shores of Lake Powell. The places compprises of the Rainbow Bridge National Manument which itself is the world largest known natural bridge. Among various sites present in this desert town, the favourite spot is the Upper Antelope Canyon comprising of Orange and Red rocks. Another famous spot is the Horseshoe bend. Here, water reflecting dark blue and green colour floats around the proud red rocks in a horshoe shape.

9. Tulum

Tulum is an amazing tourist destination where you can spot various ancient ruins of Mayan Culture. The place is itself is an adventure spot where you can explore underground caves in the swimming water, most commonly known as Cenote.

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