Travelling to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of those cities that feels familiar enough for first-time arrivers. Travelling to Las Vegas may be the most surreal thing that you ever experience in your life, from its busy streets to skylines and clubs, casinos, and other places to visit in Las Vegas. Whether you are a student or a bachelor, or a millionaire, there are some things you must know before visiting Las Vegas.

Things to Keep in Mind While Travelling to Las Vegas

1. Plan Your Trip During the Best Season

Las Vegas has no high seasons or off-seasons, such as many tourist destinations, and the biggest crowds are simply when most people visit. This includes CES in January, the super bowl in February, March Madness, magic twice a year, some in the fall season, and other large conventions. December is an odd month that is quite busy in the early weeks, and the national finals rodeo and mega-busy around New Year’s Eve. However, it is fairly quiet in between and the best time to visit Las Vegas because of the holiday decorations.

The summers bring many families but are also a little slower because of the heat. Another thing you should know is that the hotel rates are much cheaper from Sunday to Thursday than on the weekends.

2. Find the Best Weather to Visit

If you plan to Travelling to Las Vegas during the winter season, you should know that the winters in Las Vegas can be extremely unpredictable. In Las Vegas, the spring and autumn tend to be particularly pleasant alongside moderate temperatures and the famous and low humidity. Watch out for summer; temperatures may reach 116 in July and August. So, choose a decent month to travel to Las Vegas.

3. Get a Discount on Show Tickets

The best local dealer will be Tix4tonight, selling tickets online and at ten booths around the valley. The dealer advises you to arrive early in the morning for booth location and more advice for your trip. However, you can check the regular ticket prices before shopping for the best deal. If you are staying in a hotel with your caretaker, check in with them. Also, you can talk to your casino host if you are a premium player.

4. AirPort Transport

One of the most economical ways to get from the airport to your hotel is via Regional Transportation Commission Westcliff Airport Express, and its stops also include Tropicana Avenue. Along with that, a strip or downtown or the Centennial Express gradually stops at Sands Avenue Spring Mountain Road and the strip, downtown, and the UNLV transit center, but there will be better transportation. If you want a quick trip and a luxurious ride, you can opt for a ride you choose. However, the cheapest way to travel in Las Vegas would be a shared ride or a taxi which will cost you less than a luxurious ride but will take you to your stop just in time. Other than that, shuttles are also quite popular in Las Vegas, but they also make multiple stops, and the price still comes under your budget.

5. Always Know Where You Are Going

The gigantic size of the Strip buildings or properties can become overwhelming. However, the downtown cluster of the older casinos, such as the Golden Nugget and the D, provides gaming options. The Rio, Palms, and Gold Coast are all on the West Flamingo Road. At the same time, the hard rock on the Paradise is one of the other smaller casinos with a cluster of bars and restaurants nearby.

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas, then you visit some of the quiet places, such as the arts district of vintage shops, indie performance spaces, and hip bars with a nary a playing card in sight; you can also head for the Main street and charleston Boulevard. However, the Spring Preserve is situated at the Rancho and the l-15, and you can hike around the area. Other than that, you can also visit the Nevada state museum. There is a village of Boulder city just a few meters away & the engineering marvel of the Hoover Dam is only thirty minutes away, and so is the Lake Mead National Recreational Area.

6. Check For Hidden Hotel Fees

Most Hotel casinos now charge Resort Fees, which can cost around $10 to $39 daily. And you can also check that fees and other taxes are included.  In addition to that, the strip, as well as downtown hotels, charge for parking along with the hotel tax of about 12%. Remember to read the fine print and calculate the hotel room costs before booking.

7. Eat Nearby the Strip Area

There are many restaurants near the strip where you get a good and cheap breakfast. However,  the Omelet House is one of the best places to Travelling to Las Vegas. Talking about other breakfast places have grown exponentially in the last few years, and there are multiple outlets of the Blueberry Hill, the Cracked Egg, Egg Works, Rise & Shine, Hash House a Go Go, Babystacks, Metro Diner, Black Bear Diner, as well as Squeeze Inn.

8. Always Tip Your Hostess

For all those who earn a living in the service industry on the Las Vegas Strips, tips make up a big chunk of total income. It does not matter if you grab a drink at the bar or catch a cab outside your hotel; your tips help people make a living.  But, consider a few things before tipping; you must pay at least 15 to 20 % for the restaurants or bar tabs and 10% for the more ambiguous services.

9. Stay in the Cheapest Hotels

Tourists can find all the buzz and excitement guaranteed on the Las Vegas strip; it is possible to find cheaper Las Vegas hotels downtown. However, if you reserve a cheaper downtown Las Vegas Hotel, consider renting a car or getting familiar with Public Transportation. Remember, reaching the Vegas Strip from downtown is easy if you are prepared. You can visit the attractions near Las Vegas, such as Fremont Street Experience gives you a proper excuse to stay in the downtown area.

10. Do Not Use The International Slot Machine

You may want to start putting your money in many slot machines at the McCarran airport whenever your flight lands, but you must stop now. However, the slot machines at McCarran International in Las Vegas are well known for having some of the worst odds in town. Make sure to save some bucks for the Vegas strip, and if you are searching for the best odds, you can find a downtown Las Vegas casino that you can stay posted at.

Final Thoughts

If you are planning to Travelling to Las Vegas any time soon, then there are some things that you must know before visiting Las Vegas. In this blog, we have discussed all the elements, such as what is the best time to go to Vegas and what things to see in Vegas, best places to visit in Vegas. Make sure to give this article a heads-up before making your decision to save time and money.


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