Qatar Airways Name Change Policy

The Qatar Airlines Name Change Policy only allows passengers to make minor corrections in their middle, first, and last names on account of spelling mistakes or missing middle names. In case of a name change, passengers need to submit the legal documents on the grounds of which they are requesting the same. Qatar Airways restricts the change of the full name of the passenger in the same PNR. For such changes without supporting documents, you need to cancel the PNR and rebook the new ticket. 

While the request for change/correction will be accepted by Qatar Airways, passengers might have to pay additional charges as a Name change fee. All other information related to the Name change process has been listed below for the ease of passengers to find all details at one point. 

How to Change Name on Qatar Airways?

Following are some of the things that you need to know before requesting for name change/correction in your Qatar Flight Ticket:

  • Qatar Airlines does not allow the passenger to completely change the name for the same PNR. In case a new PNR has been issued to the passengers then they cannot switch to the booking mentioned in the previous PNR. 
  • Passengers need to submit the legal supporting documents in case of name changes. 
  • Any name or corrections request cannot be more than 3 characters and passengers can request for once only. 
  • Additions like titles or spaces in the name will also be counted by airlines. 
  • Changes like passenger type code or the date of birth will not be counted during name change. 
  • A new ticket will be reissued to the passenger upon name change requests. 
  • Maximum length of a name cannot exceed 50 characters and should include only A-Z or a-z. 

Under the circumstances where any of the above-mentioned criteria are unable to be matched, the only option for the passengers is to cancel their existing booking and make a new one. 

How to Request for Name Change for Qatar Airways Ticket

  • Visit the official Qatar Airways website where you need to login with your email ID and password. 
  • Afterward, once you are logged in, you can access your flight details. 
  • Select the flight booking in which you need to make changes to your name. 
  • Make the required correction which can be up to 3 characters or any other name change. 
  • Submit the required supporting documents if necessary. 
  • Make the required payment. 

Once the changes have been made, you will receive a confirmation mail with the new e-ticket issued on behalf of the name change. 

Name Changes Restricted in Qatar Airways Ticket

The following types of changes will be rejected by the Airlines :

  • Flight itinerary comprises interline segments or codeshare airlines. 
  • Any PNR under which the passengers have partially flown. 
  • Passenger requesting to change to another new name completely distinctive from the previous one. 
  • No kind of changes are permitted after the check-in has been done by the passengers. 

While the above-mentioned changes will be rejected, a request could not even be initiated by passengers under the given circumstances:

  • Unable to verify the Date of Birth.
  • Passengers have already initiated the journey. 
  • Code share or interline reservations. 
  • Any ticket purchased from the FFP privileges club. 

What is the Difference Between Name Change vs Name Correction?

Before proceeding to request for name change, it can be beneficiary for the passenger to first understand the difference between the Name change and Name Correction

Name correction involves minor corrections need for which arise due to any kind of spelling mistake, omission, transposition, or incorrect spelling due to typo error. Common name correction requests include:

  • Misspelled name due to omission or incorrectly typed name. 
  • Transposed names like John/Smith in place of Smith/John. 
  • Changing a nickname to the original name of the passenger. 
  • Omission of characters or even a middle name.
  • Correction as part of writing full name instead of initials like Davy Jones instead of D Jones. 
  • Removal of prefixes like Dr, Mr., or any other title. 

Name change comprises of change of full name of passengers (First, Middle or Last) on account of legal reasons. 

Name Correction Permitted before the ticket has been issued

Before the PNR has been generated for the passenger, the following changes will be permitted by the Airlines:

  • Minor correction in like addition and deletion of characters in the passenger’s first, middle, and last name. A total of up to 3 character changes will permitted in the total name of the passenger. The addition of titles or space between the names will also be counted. 
  • Passenger Type Code and the Date of Birth will be counted for the permitted 3 characters in the name change. 
  • Name change requests for the passenger with a legally changed name and surname with legal documents supporting it need to be submitted to the airlines. 

Name changes after the ticket has been Issued to the Passenger

Once the ticket has been issued, only name changes with legal supporting documents will be permitted by the airlines. 

How much is the change fee for Qatar Airways?

The applicable fee for Name Change is between USD 150-250 depending on fact whether you are requesting for the same within 24 hours of booking or not. If any person request for name change within 24 hour, then they need to pay USD 150. However, if the 24 hours time period has been passed, then the fee for name change will be USD 250. 

Passenger are also advised to first check the changes they needed to make in their ticket only after which they request for the same. Otherwise they can proceed to cancellation followed by rebooking of a new ticket. 

Final Words

Name changes for a Qatar Airlines ticket can be made only once. In case of correction, only up to three characters can be changed, added, or modified. The name change fee will be the applicable value which will depend on the passenger booking. Passengers mandatorily need to submit the supporting documents for name change without which their request will be rejected by the airlines. While all the information has been covered, you can dial the number +1-844-402-8105 for further assistance. 

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