Qatar Airways Name Change Policy

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you entered the wrong name on your flight ticket? Well, your last resort is to change the name as soon as possible. In this situation, you can refer to the Qatar Airways Name Change policy, which allows you to make necessary changes to your name and modify it according to your desire. Whenever you make any changes with Qatar Airways, provide the agents with complete details such as your first & last name, ticket number, reference number, etc. This blog will explain everything you must understand about the Qatar Airways Name Change Policy and its guidelines.

Guidelines of the Qatar Name Change Policy

  • Per the policy, passengers can only change up to three letters from their surname. However, you must contact the airline’s executives if you want to change more than three letters.
  • For those who are changing their name due to legal reasons such as divorce, marriage, and adoption, the passengers must showcase and submit the documents. Once they finish this, they will have to pay no fee.
  • According to the Qatar Airways Name Change Policy, if the passenger has applied for insurance for the ticket, then you do not have to pay any fees.
  • The best part is that the passengers can change the order of their name and even add their nickname, but they would have to pay a certain amount to the airline.
  • However, you cannot make corrections to your name. But they can change their name once they finish the check-in procedure.
  • Remember, your efforts can be in vain if your birth date differs, especially if you travel on a partially used ticket.

Name change After the Ticket Issuance

Qatar Airways Name Change Policy allows passengers to make certain changes to their name, such as:-

  • If the passengers want to request a name correction, change, or add a name, remember that your ticket must be booked under Qatar flight; for assistance, you must contact Qatar Airways.
  • Those who have changed their name due to legal reasons must change their first, middle, and last name, and then you must provide documents to the airline itself.
  • However, you must know that you cannot swap your name with anybody.
  • And, all the PNRs created via Privilege club profiles cannot change or correct their name.
  • Per Qatar Airways Name Change Policy, if your flight itinerary includes a codeshare and an interline flight, you may not be able to change your name on Qatar Airlines.
  • As mentioned earlier, the airline will reissue a new PNR subject to seat availability.
  • Also, the passengers need help to swap their seats between the current and original PNR. Any flight segment associated with an incorrect name must be canceled and should be requested to avoid any situation. If you need any assistance, then remember to get in touch with the Qatar Airways.

What is the Procedure of Name Change on Qatar Airways?

1. Name Change on Qatar Airways Using Online Procedure

This is one of the easiest ways by which one can make changes to a name in minutes. Follow the below-listed steps:-

  • The passengers can easily contact the airline using their official website.
  • Afterward, please navigate to the My Trips option from the main page.
  • Next, you can add your details to the Qatar Manage Booking option.
  • You will have to enter your details such as your first name, last name of the passenger, ticket number, reference number, etc.
  • Now, choose the flight on which you want to change your name.
  • Select the Name Change or Correction option and then change your first, middle, or last name.
  • If you are changing your due to legal reasons, you must submit the required documents before scheduled departure.
  • The passengers will have to pay the applicable amount to the airline if they have to change their middle name and last name and have to change more than three characters.
  • The airline will email you on the registered email ID when everything’s done.

2. Request For a Name Change Over a Phone Call

All you have to do is ask the customer care executive to change your name. Before making any changes, make sure to give the airline a call on their official number and then follow these below-listed steps:-

First, visit the official website and select the help menu.

Then, choose the Name Correction from the drop-down menu and enter your details, such as first and last name, ticket number, and reference number.

You can also request that Qatar Airways change the ticket name over the call from anywhere. For this, get to the “Get in touch from anywhere” option to access it.

Here are the phone numbers with the respective phone numbers:-

Locations Phone Numbers
United States of America +1 877 777 2827
United Arab Emirates +971 600521473
 The United Kingdom +44 330 912 7415
Canada +1 888 366 5666
South Africa +27 218311039
Russia +7 4951083497
Australia +61 283201015

Qatar Airways Name Change Fee

Everything comes at a certain price, and a name change is no exception. Only those who are changing their name for legal reasons can change their name free of cost. However, the Qatar Airways name change fee may differ depending on various reasons such as fare, ticket type, departure destinations, and many more.

However, if the passengers have requested to change their name within 24 hours of the flight ticket, then the passengers may need to pay at least $150, but if the passenger has already changed their name after 24 hours, then they need to pay more than $150 to surpass the given time by the airline.

Documents You Need For Changing Your Name on Qatar Airways

If you are travelling with the Qatar airlines and you may have to change your name, then you may need some documents to properly change your name without any hassle. Here’s the list of everything that you may require;-

1. The very first thing that you may need is a copy of your passport or any government-issued identification, which is required to verify the spelling of your name, gender, title and others.

2. For legal matters, you are required to submit your marriage certificate as well as other legal documents to verify your claim.

3. If you have filed for a divorce, then it is necessary to submit a divorce decree as per the Qatar Airways name change policy.

4. Per Qatar Airways Name Change Policy, the name correction may involve a legal name change and passengers are required to provide the relevant official documentation which proofs your claims.

5. In most cases, the airline is most likely to ask for a reason for your name change. Remember, all the documents must be valid and should match the ones that you have submitted during the booking procedure. For any information, passengers can get in touch with the Qatar Airways official customer care service and inquire about their related issue with the agent.

Wrapping Up

It is common to misspell a name during flight booking, so the airlines must create a whole other policy specifically dedicated to those who need to correct their name. The Qatar Airways Name Change Policy allows its passengers to change at least three characters of the name. However, to change your name, travelers must pay a specific amount to the airlines. If you are changing their name for legal reasons, including divorce, marriage, and adoption, then you do not have to pay any fees. For more related queries, visit our official website or contact us using our live chat facility.

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