Why is Breeze Airlines so cheap?

Why is Breeze Airlines so cheap?

We all are so used to seeing high-fare prices that when we discover a cheap-fare airline, we often wonder if it’s reliable or not. Similarly, customers who have recently come across Breeze Airlines also have the question, ‘Why is Breeze Airlines so cheap?’.

Breeze Airlines is known for serving customers with a travel option to underserved routes across the United States. Moreover, Breeze charges minimal fare to the customers so that they can save their money for their trip.

So, if you’re wondering ‘Why is Breeze so cheap?’, then the answer lies in the well-maintained jets that they use. Additionally, since Breeze usually serves short-haul flights, it keeps the fare prices low.

What is great about Breeze Airways?

  • Breeze Airways provides non-stop flights to the underserved destinations that you wish to travel to.

  • The chances of finding a flight cheaper than Breeze that serves such destinations non-stop are highly unlikely.

  • The customer service and staff are very warm and welcoming.

  • All processes, whether it’s booking or cancellation, are easy and simple.

Why choose Breeze Airways?

Breeze Airways is one of the most famous and best domestic airlines operating in the United States of America. Since it’s a low-budget carrier, customers can travel to their desired places hassle-free, even when they are on a low budget.

To ensure comfort and affordability, the airline provides customers with three-seat classes. These are- Nice, Nicer and Nicest. To put these classes in general airline terms, Economy Class (Nice), First Class (Nicest), and Nicer share the comfort between these classes.

Another reason why it’s called Breeze Cheap Airlines is because it flies to secondary airports. These airports have less congestion and cheaper costs. Additionally, Breeze keeps the fare prices as low as possible and charges the customers for the in-flight services that they want. 

Lastly, customers can avail themselves of a lot of Breeze Deals and Breeze Discounts when they book their tickets. These available discounts make the fare even cheaper, hence making travel more affordable and easy. 

Breeze Airways Tickets and Bag Policies

Since Breeze is a low-cost carrier, it charges customers with checked bags and carry-on fees. The ‘Nice’ class on Breeze is equivalent to Basic Economy on airlines such as Spirit, United, Frontier, and more.

This allows customers to bring one free-of-cost personal item with them; however, for any other bags, a baggage fee is charged. However, Breeze understands the concept of affordability, and therefore, the bag fees for Nice class fares are indeed Nice.

Breeze cheapest days to Fly

While Breeze is already a low-cost air carrier, there is a possibility of getting the tickets at an even cheaper price. Every airline has one or two days when they drop the prices of their fares so that the customers can fly cheaply. In the case of Breeze Airways, the cheapest days to fly are Tuesday and Thursday. So, mark your calendars as soon as you can, and book Breeze tickets at a super cheap cost.

Another tool that can help you book cheap tickets is the Breeze low-fare calendar. A low-fare calendar is a tool that provides customers with super cheap fares, along with additional discounts and deals. This calendar will also let you analyze Breeze’s cheapest days to fly, as you can access the fare price calendar of an entire month in advance. 

Online Method

If you are looking for an easy and quick way of booking tickets to your desired city, then the Breeze Airlines online procedure is your one-stop destination. Read the steps given below to know the step-by-step details.

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Breeze Airways.

  • Secondly, enter your username and password to access your Breeze account.

  • Thirdly, enter the itinerary details, such as origin, destination, date of travel, and number of passengers.

  • Now, click on the Search button and sort the searches by “Low to High” fare.

  • Select a flight of your choice, and proceed towards booking.

  • Enter passenger details, and then move to the payment option.

  • Select your preferred method of payment, and make the payment.

  • Lastly, you will receive your e-tickets at your registered email address.

Offline Method

If the online method does not suit you, then you may opt for the most traditional method of all time. Follow the steps given below to book your tickets using the offline procedure.

  • Dial the official Breeze Airways Customer Service phone number 1-844-402-8105 or reach out through the contact form available on the website.

  • Listen to the IVR instructions, and wait for an agent to receive your call.

  • Provide the agent with all the necessary itinerary details.

  • From the options available, select a flight that suits your itinerary and budget.

  • Proceed towards the booking option and provide all the passenger details to the agent.

  • Select your choice of payment method, and make the payment.

  • You will receive your tickets at your registered email address shortly.


Breeze Airways is a relatively famous and reliable airline, considering it is still comparatively new. The uniqueness of its travel classes and low fares make it one of the best U.S. airlines for people flying with a low budget. To book your cheap tickets, talk to a live person at Breeze by dialing 1-844-402-8105 or reach out through the contact form available on the website.

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