Why is Alaska Airlines so cheap?​

Why is Alaska Airlines so cheap?

Every customer dreams of flying to new cities and exploring new cultures. But how is that possible when the fare prices keep touching the sky? Well, not every Airline makes travel impossible. If you have ever flown with Alaska Airlines, then you have questioned, “Why is Alaska Airlines so cheap?”.

Alaska is one of the top international airlines that provide customers with top-notch in-flight experiences. So, despite all the excellent amenities, Why is Alaska Airlines so cheap? The Airline offers not only low fare prices but also various Alaska deals and Alaska discounts. Now, without any further delay, let’s read why Alaska is a cheap airline.

Using Cutting Edge Technology for Cost Reduction

The Alaska Airlines has taken certain measures to manage it resources effectively (thanks to their AI tool Flyway). All these measures result better fuel efficiency saving a lot of money for the airlines. This ultimately result in the cost reduction of the flight prices, thus making it possible for the airlines to offers better seat at an economic and convenient rates.

Through the help of Flyway, it is easy to predict weather conditions effectively and assisting the pilots to find the best and the safest routes for the passengers. Not only that use of fine technology (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning), can help the airlines to streamline their operation avoiding any unusual cost thus finally resulting in a reduced fare prices.

Alaska Low Fare Calendar

A low-fare calendar is a tool offered by Alaska Airlines that provides customers with a chance to book cheap flights. The calendar has numerous benefits that the customers can enjoy, along with cheap flights.

Customers can avail advantages like cheap flights, flexible dates, deals and discounts, easy check-in, and more. By using this calendar, customers with low budgets can easily afford to fly to their desired location and save money.

Unbundled Services

Alaska Airlines does not provide the same set of services to every passenger. Customers can opt for services that they prefer and the ones that they can afford. By providing this flexibility, customers get to manage their expenses and purchase cheap flights with Alaska Airlines.

Additional services like extra comfortable seats, recliners, food, WiFi, and more such services are optional for the passengers. By practicing such unbundled services, Alaska continues to be a cheap airline despite offering the best services.

Hybrid Model

In this model, airline tickets include a range of low to high fares, depending on the destination, competition, and seating arrangement. For example, destinations that come under Alaska Airline’s expertise require less operational cost. Therefore, these destinations become cheap and affordable options for customers.

On the contrary, flights operating long routes have higher fare prices compared to short-haul flights because the operational cost is bigger. This way, the Airline maintains a balance and distributes expenses evenly. Therefore, neither the Airline nor the customers suffer any loss when traveling with Alaska Air.

Alaska's Cheapest Days to Fly

Apart from the above-mentioned ways by which Alaska offers cheap flights, there are more ways to book cheap flights. Every Airline has a day or two on which they drop their fare prices. So, for Alaska Airlines, the cheapest day to book tickets is Tuesday and Wednesday.

Customers who are on a low budget should mark their calendars and book their tickets on these days. Moreover, weekends are the most expensive days to fly with Alaska Airlines. Booking tickets way in advance also allows passengers to avail cheap flights and available deals on flight bookings.


Alaska Airlines is one of the best international airlines that are currently operating. It is known for its low-fare tickets and the genuine services that it provides to all its customers. If you are still wondering why Alaska Airlines is so cheap, then it’s time to get on the phone. Speak to a live person at Alaska Airlines Customer Service by dialing 1 (800) 654-5669 or 1-844-402-8105.

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Frequently Asked Question

Yes. Alaska Airlines is an airline which is known for its ultra-low-cost airlines. Additionally, Alaska Air has made a prominent presence in just a few years and has a success and safety rate like no other.

Yes. Alaska Airlines is known for its ultra-low-cost flights. Customers with low budgets can avail their choice of services according to what their wallet allows. Additionally, Alaska Air also provides a low-fare calendar to all customers, where customers can get even cheaper flights, along with additional deals and discounts.

Alaska Airlines is still a comparatively new airline but has worked its reputation up in a short while. It has managed to be one of the best international low-fare flight providers. Delivering unique services and amenities, along with safety, makes Alaska Air customer’s go-to carrier.

Alaska Airlines is the first Airline to use an AI tool called Flyways that helps reduce fuel costs. Since Fuel is the most expensive resource, Alaska Air manages to save a lot of money and provide cheap flights to its customers. Along with this, the Airline also uses a Hybrid Model for the costs of specific destinations.

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