Why is Turkish Airlines so cheap?

Why is Turkish Airlines so cheap?

Turkish Airlines has been serving customers since 1933 and has always succeeded in delivering what the customers need. Customers are often confused and question, ‘Why is Turkish Airlines so cheap?‘. This modern Airline that offers top-notch services and operates to hundreds of destinations definitely has a plan for how they offer such cheap tickets to the customers.

A fun fact about Turkish Airlines is that currently, it is the only Airline that serves 118 countries and 269 unique destinations, which is much more than any other airline. So, the reason to call Turkish Airlines a cheap airline has a lot to do with its ambitious planning and strategic location. Additionally, the investments that it has made in the aviation industry are a major reason, too.

Is Turkish Airlines a good airline to travel with?

Without a doubt, Turkish Airlines is a safe and reliable airline. The Airline provides customers with not just seating comfort but also a great in-flight experience. Whether it’s entertainment options or tour options for international passengers, the Airline provides top-notch services every time.

One of the main reasons why Turkish Airlines is so cheap is because of its cost-effectiveness due to its commitment to streamlined operations. By combining all strategies from ticketing to boarding, the airline maximizes satisfaction for the customers and manages its own profit as well.

How good and safe are Turkish Airlines?

The APEX (Airline Passenger Experience Association) awarded Turkish Airlines the ‘Diamond’ status. This portrays that Turkish Airlines is not only a good airline but also a safe option for all travelers.

Whether it’s a smooth landing, or cleanliness and sanitation, Turkish Airlines has achieved all. Along with this, the staff, customer service, and flight attendants make it a world-class airline. No matter what your query is, you will always find Turkish customer service available and welcoming.

Turkish Airlines low fare calendar

In addition to the existing low fares offered by Turkish Airlines, the Airline also offers a low-fare calendar to its customers. If you are looking for Turkish Airlines’ cheapest days to Fly, then this calendar is the way to know it.

A low-fare calendar is a tool that helps customers find and book low-fare tickets that are available. Additionally, customers can also avail of various Turkish Airlines deals and Turkish Airlines Discounts. 

The low-fare calendar is a great tool that every customer with a low budget can use to travel to their desired destination. However, make sure to book your tickets as soon as you can since the tickets under this calendar get sold out fast. 

What are the weaknesses of Turkish Airlines?

While Turkish Airlines is a world-class airline, there are some weaknesses that no customer can avoid. Turkish Airlines has a relatively small Asia Pacific network, which makes traveling to desired locations quite difficult for the passengers. Moreover, the inconsistent financial performance of the airline may cause problems for the airline in the near future.

Some other weaknesses of the Airline include:

  • High Competition- The main objective of any aviation industry business is to maximize its profit. However, the inconsistent financial performance of the Airline needs to improve its productivity.

  • Carbon Emission Contribution- In recent times, the world has started paying a lot of attention to the environment and its safety. As it turns out, Turkish Airlines contributes to global warming by producing carbon.

Which Airline is better, Turkish or Emirates?

If you’re a traveler who seeks luxury, then the premium class in Emirates is much better than that of Turkish Airlines. After all, the extraordinary feeling of sipping champagne in the sky is a dream that comes true with Emirates.

However, if you are a frequent traveler, then you must opt for Turkish Airlines since it provides a friendly loyalty program. But in the end, choose the air carrier that fits perfectly with your itinerary and budget.


Turkish Airlines is a renowned airline that serves satisfaction, happiness, and loyalty to its customers. By being the only Airline to fly to 126 countries, Turkish Airlines has led its way to the top. To talk to a human at Turkish Airlines, dial the customer service phone number 1 (800) 874-8875 or 1-844-402-8105.

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