Lufthansa Cancellation Policy

If you are traveling with Lufthansa Airlines, you must know that it is the world’s second-largest airline. It is also popular and known for its services and flexibility. There are many instances where we have to cancel a flight due to personal commitments or an emergency. Either way, you need to know about the Lufthansa Flight Cancellation Policy

However, if you plan to cancel your flight, you must know about the rules and regulations of Lufthansa’s flight cancellation policy. 

Rules & Regulations of Lufthansa Flight Cancellation Policy 

  • You must cancel your flight within 24 hours of your scheduled departure to request a refund.
  • However, if you are eligible for a refund, the cancellation charge may be deducted from your refund amount, and you will be refunded for the unused portion of the ticket.
  • Suppose you arrive at the airport and later find that the airline has canceled your flight. In this case, you can request compensation or refund regardless of your ticket, such as Refundable or Non-Refundable.
  • For Startesz, not everyone can get compensated, and it is impossible to cancel the basic economy tickets.

Lufthansa 24 hour Cancellation Policy

As we have explained earlier, the passengers can cancel their tickets for free as long as they do it within 24 hours. The best part is that if you have succeeded, you can request a refund, too. But wait, there’s more. You could get a full refund if your scheduled flight departure is at least seven days later. 

The Passengers can revoke any ticket under the 24-hour cancellation policy regardless of their Ticket type. Remember the given rules. Otherwise, you can say goodbye to your refund. 

Lufthansa Airline Cancellation Policy

Lufthansa Cancellation Fees

Fee Depending on Service Class

Cancellation Fees

Charges for Economy Class Cancellation Fees

  • The Passengers cannot revoke their economy saver tickets as well as economy basic fares.

  • Apart from this, you will be eligible to cancel and get full refund of the economy basic plus fare ticket.

  • However, the passengers can cancelled their tickets for free as well as request for refund.

Fees Depending on Premium Economy Class Cancellation Fees

  • Passengers cannot cancel premium economy base fare ticket.

  • If you want to cancel your Premium ticket that you would have to pay at least $500.

  • You can cancel and refund the premium economy flex fare free of charge.

Business Class Cancellation Fees

  • You can not cancel business basic fares.

  • The business basic plus II fare is cancelable and refundable for $500.

  • The passengers can get refund on business flex fares, but they must cancel their flight in 24 hours.

First Class Cancellation Fees

  • You can not cancel first basic fares.

  • Travelers can cancel their basic flight ticket and get up to $500 as refund.

  • As per the policy, the passengers will get $750 as their refund after the cancellation procedure.

  • You can cancel and get a refund of First Flex fares free of charge.

Cancellation Fees For a Non-Refundable Ticket

Cancellations within 24 hours of ticket booking

Cancellations after 24 hours of ticket booking

If you cancel your non-refundable ticket within 24 hours of purchase and your flight departs more than (7) days later, you do not have to pay a cancellation fee.

If you cancel a non-refundable ticket after the risk-free window has expired, most of the fare will be forfeited (excluding government taxes).

How to Cancel Lufthansa Flight? 

If you are done canceling your tickets, it is time for something else. Now, you have to see if you are eligible for a refund. There are many cases where you would be eligible for a refund, such as:-


  • If the passenger happens to cancel their flight within 24 hours and seven days before their scheduled departure, then you will be eligible for a refund.
  • Or if the Lufthansa airline unexpectedly cancels your flight due to bad weather conditions, technical malfunction, or other reasons.
  • And, there is yet another situation where you can ask for a refund, which is when your flight has been delayed for more than 2 hours. In this situation, the airline will either offer you an alternative flight or you can straight up ask for a refund.
  • If you have a refundable ticket, it becomes easy to demand a full refund.
  • However, the airline sometimes denies boarding its passengers due to overbooking; if this happens to you, you can go to the ticket counter, cancel your flight, and request a refund.
  • You will receive a full refund in case of a family emergency, such as sudden death or sickness. Moreover, the airline will ask you for some proof before proceeding with the refund procedure altogether.

Lufthansa Flight Delayed Compensation

  • As we have explained before, compensation depends on the flight distance. As per the Lufthansa cancellation policy, you can ask for compensation if your flight has been delayed for more than an hour. Here’s what you can do;- 
  • You will be compensated for $700 – $750 if your flight distance is around 3500 km.
  • For those who come under the category of 1500 to 3500 Km, the Lufthansa airlines will give you at least 500 dollars as compensation.
  • Lastly, all the flights with a distance of more than 1500 KM can get users 300 dollars. 
  • To get your compensation amount, the passengers must fill out the compensation form to claim the amount. 

If You Have Been Denied Boarding, then look out for these terms:-

Sometimes, airlines overbook a flight and deny some passengers entry because the flight is already filled. In this case, you can file for Lufthansa’s canceled compensation from the airline. Therefore, if you are one of those passengers who has been denied boarding during their flights within the USA & Canada, then you must know these guidelines before requesting compensation;- 

  • According to the Lufthansa Flight Cancellation Policy, if the airline offers you an alternative flight that is only an hour away from your recent flight, you cannot file for compensation. Instead, you can wait at the airport and board your alternative flight. 
  • You will be given at least $675 if your next flight starts to arrive at most one hour but less than four hours after your scheduled departure. 
  • However, if the airline still needs to provide you with an alternative flight, you will be entitled to at least $1350. 

To have a better understanding, you can take a look at the compensation amount:-

0 to 1-hour arrival delay

No compensation

1 to 4-hour arrival delay

At least 200% which will be around $675

Over 4 hours arrival delay

$1350 dollars as 400% on your one way flight

Lufthansa Missed Flight Policy

If you missed your Lufthansa flight, then there are some rules and regulations that you need to know to tackle your situation:-

  1. Per the Lufthansa Flight Cancellation Policy, you can contact the airline if you have missed your flight. 
  2. Stay in the airport if your flight has taken off. 
  3. If you have reserved your flight through a travel agency, contact them and explain your issue, and they will guide you through the entire situation.

Final Words 

Flight cancellation can be easy and less time-consuming if you know all the right steps. There are different modes by which one can cancel their flight; both online and offline mode is available. However, the main thing is before proceeding with the Flight cancellation procedure, make sure to read all the guidelines of Lufthansa’s flight cancellation policy. Thus, if you want more information on similar topics, contact us via live chat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Per the Lufthansa Flight Cancellation policy, the passengers can get a full refund on their flight tickets. However, it can only happen if you follow the rules, such as flight cancellation within 24 hours and seven days before your scheduled departure. There are two scenarios where the airline will offer you a full refund: when the airline has canceled the flight by themselves or if it has been delayed for more than 2 hours. In both scenarios, you can ask the airline for a full refund, and they will ask you to fill out the form and proceed further with the refund process. The refund process can take more than seven days to get credited in your original payment format. 

Ans. The Passengers can cancel their Lufthansa flight for more than 24 hours before their scheduled departure. If the ticket cancellation happens during the time limit, you do not have to pay any cancellation fees charged by Lufthansa Airlines. Also you can go ahead and request a refund as well. Remember that the airline may refund the unused portion of your Ticket according to the Lufthansa refund policy.

Ans. Well, there is only one scenario where you will be offered a full refund: when your flight has been cancelled by the airline. In this situation, the airline will provide you with a refund regardless of your ticket type.

Ans. Remember, if you cancel a small portion of your Ticket, the rest will be cancelled automatically according to the Lufthansa Flight Cancellation Policy. However, if you want to continue the procedure, you have to call the airline first and ask them to cancel your flight. 

Ans. The airline will charge passengers to pay for Lufthansa flight cancellations. Per the flight change policy, the cancellation fee depends on factors such as ticket type, fare type, and departure destination. Now, the passengers may have to pay at least $350 to $450 for the cancellation fees, depending on which class they are traveling on.

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