Top 7 Buckingham Palace Nearest Hotels

Buckingham Palace is the most common spot for any tourist in London. Being the cultural heritage and the royal residency, the palace is the center of some of the major state occasions and also the major place where people collect on any occasion of national celebration or mourning. Every year, more than five hundred thousand tourists come to attend any occasion or just to simply visit Buckingham Palace. While visiting any place, the first thing any tourist is the accommodation. And with tourist spots like Buckingham Palace, it becomes necessary for people to book accommodation at the nearest place. Thus here we are going to list some of the best hotels in the city of London which are closest to Buckingham Palace. Hang on with us till the end to get the list of the best hotels closest to Buckingham Palace.

Best Hotels Near Buckingham Palace in London

Here we will find some of the best nearest hotels with a view of Buckingham Palace, where you can find the perfect accommodation. The list has been made keeping in mind the basic parameters that every tourist lookout while booking accommodation. Some of these parameters are:

  • Basic facilities required by tourists while on a holiday 
  • Budget under which they can find the best accommodation possible.
  • Distance of their residence in the place to the destination.

Although some of the best are left out of this list, all the hotels we have listed suit all the preferences of any tourist. Now, check out the list of the best hotels near Buckingham Palace:

1. The Resident Victoria (London)

The Resident Victoria - hotels near buckingham palace
The Resident Victoria

The number one on the list of the best hotels near Buckingham Palace is the Resident Victoria. Located at a distance of just only 500m, the hotel is within walking distance from the palace. The Resident victoria is a most favourable options as it is surrounded by various restaurants and bars. Along with that, major other tourist destinations in London apart from Buckingham Palace are accessible from this hotel. Rooms inside the Resident Victoria are suitable for any type of visitor, be it someone who has come for business purposes or anyone on Leisure. 

Major amenities available for the visitors in this 4-star hotel include free Wi-Fi, family and non-smoking rooms, laundry, and tea/coffee makers in all of the rooms. The hotel is best known for its hospitality, where the guests are well-treated. This can be indicated by the facts when they are offered a complimentary wine or any soft drink upon their arrival at the place. Below is some of the useful information you need to know regarding Resident Victoria before booking accommodation:

  • Number of Rooms: 73
  • Accommodation Charges: USD 149-449
  • Distance from the Buckingham Palace: 300 meter

2. Hotel 41 (London)

Hotel 41- hotels near buckingham palace
Hotel 41

The next one on the list of Buckingham Palace nearest hotels is Hotel 41. An extension of the Rubens, the hotel comprises 30 spacious rooms which are equipped with all the mandatory amenities. Some of them are free Wi-Fi, 24-hour room service, laundry, and a Bar & Restaurant. Along with the babysitting services, the hotels also provide pet-friendly spaces. Complimentary afternoon tea and evening canapes are available for visitors. For dining, visitors can either order the room service or visit the Executive Lounge. With all these amenities and facilities, this hotel is the value for money for any visitor who has come to see Buckingham Palace. Following are some necessary details regarding Hotel 41:

  • Total number of rooms: 30
  • Accommodation Range for 30 rooms: starts from USD 549
  • Distance from Buckingham Palace: 480 meters

3. The Goring Hotel (London)

The Goring Hotel- hotels near buckingham palace
The Goring Hotel

One of the best 5-star hotels near Buckingham Palace, the Goring Hotel has a long history of accommodating major figures in the history of England. The Hotel can be considered the best accommodation for anyone who is seeking a lavishing stay while visiting London. Being a 5-star hotel, all the facilities and amenities are available for the visitors, which they require during their stay. Speaking of dining, The Goring Hotel has a restaurant located inside it by the name of “Dining Room,” which, due to amazing dishes and hospitality, holds a One Michelin Star. 
Speaking of its history, the Goring Hotel was the first hotel in the world that has a separate bathroom for each room. Currently, among various other hotels in London, this is the only one that is still run by the family that built it. Following are some of the useful pointer related you need to know before accommodation in the Goring Hotel:

  • Number of Rooms: 69 rooms
  • Accommodation Prices: USD 999-3599
  • Distance from Buckingham Palace: 650 meter

4. The Stafford (London)

The Stafford - hotels near buckingham palace
The Stafford

Located in the Mayfair, this 5-star is another major accommodation spot best known for providing its visitors a royal stay right in the heart of London. This is one of the top hotels with view of Buckingham Palace from every room. The Stafford is among the most historic hotels present in the heart of London. For any tourist who is a frequent visitor to London, the name of Stafford is enough to indicate the royal and lavishing stay provided to anyone who has booked accommodation in this hotel. Major areas of London to which you can easily reach from this hotel include the Mayfair, Park Lane, Regent, Oxford, and Bond Street.
Major Bars and Restaurants in this hotel include the Game Bird, the American Bar, and a Wine cellar for wine tasting. Being a 5-star hotel itself representing the history of London, there is no need to point to discuss any basic amenities that need to be present in the hotel. All the facilities will be provided at any cost while staying at this hotel. Useful information which you need to know while looking for accommodation in this hotel includes:

  • A number of rooms: 105
  • Accommodation charges: USD 599-1999
  • Distance from the Buckingham Palace: 500 meter

5. Taj 51 (London)

Taj 51- hotels near buckingham palace
Taj 51

The most affordable 5-star hotel near Buckingham Palace is the Taj-51. Various facilities are available in this hotel comprises, including valet parking, free internet, a fitness center, babysitting, and many others. Each room of Taj 51 is fully air-conditioned, where you can find an additional bathroom, a coffee/tea maker, a dining area, a cable /satellite TV, bathrobes, and complimentary toiletries. Depending on various types of visitors, different types of accommodation are available, like bridal suites, non-smoking rooms, family and interconnecting rooms, and many other suites. Following is some of the necessary accommodation related information regarding the Taj 51:

  • There are 86 rooms in the Taj 51 Hotel.
  • Various accommodation available in Taj 51 falls in the price range of 759-1999USD
  • The Taj 51 is located 480 meters away from Buckingham Palace.

6. St. James Court (London)

St. James Court - hotels near buckingham palace
St. James Court

Another extension of the Taj is the St James Court, a 4-star hotel near Buckingham Palace. Established in the year 1902 and later acquired, the hotel is located at just walking distance to not only Buckingham palace but many other major places of London like St. James Park, Westminster, the West End, Victoria Station, and lastly, Mayfair. With varieties of rooms and suites available here in St James, it is the perfect spot for business and leisure stays. Speaking of dining, some of the finest restaurants in London are located in St James, including the Quilon (a Michelin one-starred hotel). Along with that, some fine spot in the hotels like Kona, The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, and the Indian Jasmine serves some of the finest afternoon tea, which you can find nowhere in the city of London. Mandatory information regarding this hotel is listed below:

  • Total number of Rooms: 329
  • Accommodation Charges: USD 349-1199
  • Distance from Buckingham Palace: 480 meter

7. Dukes London - Great British Hotel

Dukes London - hotels near buckingham palace
Dukes London - Great British Hotel

Last but not least comes the Dukes London, a major 5-star luxury hotel located in the heart of Mayfair. The Dukes London is a historical building from where you can reach Buckingham Palace in a duration of just 5 minutes. The hotel comprises of spacious rooms that are a blend of historic decoration and modern enhanced facilities that can be required by any traveller. Major types of rooms available in the Dukes, London are Superior rooms, Deluxe rooms, and Executive rooms. For food and beverages, major restaurants and bars are located inside the hotel. Some of them include Duke Bar, Great British Restaurants, and the amazing Cognac and Cigar Garden. Major local attractions located nearby this hotel, apart from Buckingham Palace, are:

  • National Gallery
  • V&A Museum
  • Natural Museum History
  • Royal Academy of Arts
  • Tate Modern
  • Imperial War Museum
  • London Transport Museum
  • Saatchi Gallery
  • British Museum

Below is the accommodation related info for Dukes London:

  • Total rooms available for accommodation: 86
  • Accommodation Charges: USD 249-2099
  • Distance from Buckingham Palace: 800 meter

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On an Ending Note:

Here we have listed some of the best hotels close to Buckingham Palace from where one can easily reach without the requirement of any transportation. Along with that, we have also listed all the necessary details for each hotel like distance from the destination, accommodation charges, and total number of rooms. Based on your budget and other preferences, you can find the best one suited to your requirement. Now if you need any further assistance, you can connect with us through the number given below. Along with that, you can use the live chat option to connect with us instantly. 


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