Hawaiian Seat Upgrade

Hawaiian Airlines Seat Upgrade Policy

Want to know what it feels like to travel in business class? Well, your dream may come true. Aren’t you bored of flying in the same economy class every time? What if we told you that you could get upgrad if you follow certain rules? Sometimes the Hawaiian airline may upgrade your seat for free and this happens in the rarest cases. It happens when most of the seats are empty, so they move some of the passengers from economy to business class select. But, luck is not always for some people as they end up paying for their seat upgrade . Whatever the case is, you must know that there are certain rules that one must follow when it comes to Hawaiian airlines Business Class Upgrade.

Ways to Get your Hands on Hawaiian Seat Upgrade

As we have said earlier, the Hawaiian airlines sometimes tend to upgrade certain chosen passengers. Whereas, most passengers pay a hefty amount for their seat upgrad . Whatever the case must be, there are a plethora of options flowing around which can get you upgrad on your next Hawaiian flight.

  • Just like in the previous section, passengers can buy themselves a seat in business class. This seat will cost you between $100 to $150. But, you must hurry and buy it at least 24 hours prior to your final boarding.
  • Do you not want to pay money to get upgraded? Well, we got you then. Instead of using cash, you can use some of your saved miles. If you are upgrading your seat from economy to business, then you will need at least 30000 miles. However, the value may differ depending on your departure destination.
  • Next option is to invest in credit cards. If you happen to buy yourself a Hawaiian airlines credit card, then you can get at least 100,000 miles for just subscribing.
  • Subscribe and be a part of the elite group. Do not miss out on the opportunities that can get you free upgrades. Many airlines are most likely to upgrade the passengers who are part of the elite group.

Hawaiian Airlines Seat Upgrade Cost

To get upgraded on Hawaiian airlines, the fees may cost you between $100 to $150. But, the fee may differ sometimes depending on your fare type, status and, most itantly, your departure destination.

Below is the overview of the Travel wholly within Hawaii – Neighbor Islands (First Class)

Travel Route/ Elite Status

Upgrade fee (in USD)

Hawaii – Neighbor Island


Pualani Gold


Pualani Platinum


Flights Departing within North America

Travel Route/ Elite Status Upgrade fee (in USD)
For all the flights from/to Long Beach, Oakland, Ontario, Portland, San Jose, Sacramento, Honolulu, Kauai, Lihue, and lastly Kona. 399
Discounted Rate for Pualani Gold 319
Discounted Rate for Pualani Platinum 269
For continuous flights between Las Vegas, Oakland, and Austin and Honolulu, Kauai, Lihue, and Kona. 489
Discounted Rate for Pualani Gold 399
Discounted Rate for Pualani Platinum 349
Flights departing within Boston, NewYork (JFK), and Orlando to Honolulu 949
Discounted Rate for Pualani Gold 839
Discounted Rate for Pualani Platinum 769

For international routes (Hawaiian airlines Business Class upgrade)


Travel Route  Upgrade Price (in USD)
AUSTRALIA to Hawaii/North America 850
Hawaii/North America to AUSTRALIA 900


Travel Route  Upgrade Price (in USD)
JAPAN to Hawaii/North America 540
Hawaii/North America to JAPAN 600


Travel Route  Upgrade Price (in USD)
KOREA to Hawaii/North America 530
Hawaii/North America to KOREA 550

New Zealand

Travel Route  Upgrade Price (in USD)
NEW Zealand to Hawaii/North America 850
Hawaii/North America to NEW ZEALAND 840


Travel Route  Upgrade Price (in USD)
PAPEETE to Hawaii/North America 429
  Discounted rate for Pualani Gold 349
  Discounted rate for Pualani Platinum 299

Pago Pago

Travel Route  Upgrade Price (in USD)
PAGO PAGO to Hawaii/North America 449
  Discounted rate for Pualani Gold 369
  Discounted rate for Pualani Gold 319

Upgrade your Hawaiian Flights Using Cash

For those who wants to get upgraded using cash, must execute these below-listed steps;-

  • Make sure to have a reservation with the following airline to get upgraded with cash.
  • As we have said earlier in this guide that flight upgrade may depend on seat availability as well as your route and departure & arrivals timings.
  • To get upgraded using cash, get in line with the Hawaiian airlines customer service. This procedure usually takes place after the confirmed flight. For information on this topic, you can check availability of the seats and then request for a flight upgrade using Hawaiian airlines website as well as Mobile application.
  • As for the fee, it may also vary depending on several aspects such as your flight route, flight timings and etc.
  • There are other ways by which one can pay their upgrade fee such as using credit and debit card. However, the Irony is that the upgrade fee will be charged during flight reservation.
  • As soon as you are done with all the upgrade procedure, the airline will send you an email confirming your flight upgrade.

How Can I Upgrade My Hawaiian Flight Using Miles?

To upgrade your flight by using miles, then you have to start by calling the Hawaiian Airlines customer service. But, it is not as simple as it looks, here are some limitations that you must keep in mind:-

  • If you are one of those passengers who wants to upgrade their seat using miles then you need to get in touch with the airline at least 26 hours prior to your departure.
  • For a smooth procedure, the flights must be operated & marketed by one and only Hawaiian airlines.

Here’s how much miles you are required to have for travelling to different locations:-




Island Upgrade



America – Hawaii Upgrade



– Hawaii Upgrade



– Hawaii Upgrade



Zealand – Hawaii Upgrade



– Hawaii Upgrade



– Hawaii Upgrade



Is There Any Way to Get Upgraded at the Eleventh Hour?

To upgrade your flight at the very last moment, you can make use of the web or KIOSK check-in procedure. But, keep in mind you have to complete the procedure within 24 hours before their scheduled departure. In rare cases, the airlines allow passengers to upgrade their current reservation to reservations, which are Hawaiian Airline First Class Seat Upgrade & Hawaiian Airlines Business Class Seat Upgrade. For your own benefit, you must be familiar with Hawaiian Airlines upgrade fees/allowance.

Just like the other perceptions, the upgrade fees may depend on various factors including fare route, class of service, departure destination and many more. You can also be paid at the time of your reservation or you can directly make your payments at the airport.


Neighbor Island

North America


Last Minute Business Class Upgrade

50 USD each way

Starting at 379 USD each way

You would have to pay $129 for your south pacific flight

$269 for international flights

Last Minute First Class Upgrade


Starting 269 USD each way

$349 dollars for a one way flight to south pacific

$495 for international flight one way

What is the procedure for Upgrading Your Flight Via Bidding?

passenger submitting a bid for the Hawaiian Airlines Business Class Upgrade. But, wait there’s more to that. The Hawaiian airlines has to accept your application on the basis of seat availability, if there’s any seat available then the airline will inform you via sending you a confirmation email of your upgraded flight reservation. However, if everything turns out great then you can enjoy the given amenities such as more legroom, multiple food & drink option, and you can wait for your flight at the airport lounges.

 Complete Breakdown of Bidding Upgrade with Hawaiian Airlines

  • Only eligible passengers are allowed to bid. To participate in the bid upgrade program, all you have to go to the official website of Hawaiian Airlines.
  • However, the easiest way for passengers to bid for upgrade program is by mentioning how much miles you are willing to use and which class you want to upgrade to.
  • Next, add your desired payment method and then skip to the next method.
  • Once you are done with the payment procedure, then recheck your offer and agree with the given terms and conditions and once you are done with that then you can submit your offer.
  • As soon as you are done with bidding, then it will be once again checked by the Hawaiian Airlines and if your bid is successful then you will receive email confirmation of your Hawaiian Airlines Business Class Upgrade.

Criteria For Bidding

  • According to the Hawaiian airlines upgrade policy, you must have a confirmed reservation in the booking class which is by the way is eligible for an upgrade.
  • There should be no third party involved. All the flights must be managed by Hawaiian Airlines itself.
  • However, the flight upgrades depends on the Hawaiian Airlines seat availability on your favored class. Apart from this, there are many passengers who requests for flight upgrade, so it will take a lot of time for the airline to come back to you.
  • For those, who are travelling with a baby, pet or even in the main cabin, can easily participate in the bidding program.

Time to Wrap Up

In conclusion, if you want to upgrade your Hawaiian seat from economy to your desired class, then you would have to reserve your tickets before your scheduled departure. Hawaiian airlines passengers can get upgraded using several factors such as miles, cash and via bidding. Thus, if you want more information regarding this topic or any other query, then you can get in touch with us via Live Chat or Email us at []

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