Delta Airlines Name Change Policy

Humans make mistakes. It is common for us to mess up our name during the flight booking procedure. Sometimes, we add an extra “a” or miss a complete alphabet. Whatever the situation, you must fix it as soon as possible. You must change or correct your name according to the airline’s rules. However, there are other scenarios where travelers have to change their names for reasons such as marriage, divorce, etc. We are here to guide you on how to change your name on your flight tickets and avoid repeating the procedure. The procedure to change your name would be ten times easier if you knew the basic rules about Delta Airlines name change policy.

Rules & Regulations of Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy

  • Nobody can change their full name. They can either make some minor corrections or change a few things. As per the Delta Airlines name change policy, passengers can change three letters in their name. Remember, you can only make certain changes to the spelling.
  • Another rule is that you can only change your name just one time. You will be given only one chance. If you mess up again, then you will have to live with the mistake that you have made.
  • Airlines like Korean Air do not charge any particular amount for passengers who make changes or corrections to their names.
  • The next rule explains that one can only change their name on the flight ticket that they have yet to use or partially use.
  • To change your name successfully on a Delta flight ticket, you need to keep the stock of your original ticket.
  • Keep your documents, such as government-issued ID and documents, such as marriage certificates, handy for verification purposes.
  • If it’s a case of marriage or divorce, then you must submit the required documents to the airline as per Delta’s Name Correction policy.
  • Lastly, the most important rule is to change your name within 24 hours of your reservation.

Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy

Here is the breakdown of different situations and how you can solve them:-

For those Who Want to Make Changes in First & Middle Name

The procedure to make corrections of your first and middle name is quite easy. All you have to do is ask the airline to make these changes for you.

  • Go to the airline’s official website and check your PNR to check your name.
  • From the PNR, go to the OSI message. Once you get the message, it has been revealed that you have made your corrections.
  • In this case, the airline will most likely issue a ticket in exchange. This immediately stops you from making any more changes to your flight and scheduled flight date.
  • For corrections, there is no need for you to have any waiver code.

Make Change/Corrections to the Last Name

The passengers can make changes to their last names using some simple steps. However, in many cases, the airline will offer you a flight without any waiver code. Here are some basic terms that you need to know about:-

  • Delta Airlines permits its passengers to correct only three letters of their last name. Those who want to change more than three letters of their last name must contact Global Sales support customer services for further details.
  • Once you are done connecting with the agent, then you will have to follow certain steps laid out by the agent himself.
  • However, you will see some noticeable changes in the OSI messages.

In Addition to Your Last Name

Delta Airlines allows its passengers to add a letter or something to their name without changing it. Make sure to follow these below-listed steps:-

  • To put it out there, one can add any name to the last name, such as Marywillaims/MaryJohansonWilliams.
  • As soon as you are done making changes to the name, the agent will review it and then add the additional item to the OSI messages.
  • Remember, you cannot get overboard. As per Delta Airlines’ name change policy, you must keep what’s on your Delta flight ticket.

If your first and last Name are Reserved on the Flight Ticket

Have you ever been in a situation where you have entered your first and last name incorrectly? Well, if you have been in a situation like this, then you need to follow these steps:-

  • First, you must contact the officials and follow the given on-screen steps.
  • Once you connect with the agent, you can address your issues with them.
  • Make sure to follow the steps to correct your names and as soon as you finish that, the OSI message will be different.

How Can you Make Changes to your Name on the Delta Airlines?

Change/Correct your name Using the Online Method

Here’s what you need to follow to change your name online:-

  • To begin with the modification procedure, you should go to the official website of Delta Airlines.
  • Go to the My Trip section and enter your reference number.
  • To correct your name spelling, select the name correction tab and select the name that needs to be corrected.
  • You must know that you can only change or correct at least three characters, whether from the first name or last name.
  • Place your request and click the confirm and save button to proceed with your name change request.
  • Once ready to check out, pay the necessary fees Delta Airlines asks. The airline will usually reissue your tickets for the available class.
  • When everything is in place, the airline will email you regarding your name confirmation email.

Try the Same-Old Method to Change/Correct Your Name

The passengers can change their name by calling the Delta airline on their official number. Once you are done with making changes to your name, you will have to follow the below-listed steps:-

  • To start, provide your PNR number to an agent to be able to receive your flight booking.
  • However, you can ask the agent to correct your name if you misspelled it.
  • Then, you must submit your documents, such as a government-issued photograph and a copy of your passport, for email validation purposes.
  • In the end, if your transaction is completed, you will receive a confirmation email from the airline.

Procedure for Change Name on Delta Airlines Ticket

The procedure will require you to follow certain guidelines laid out by the airline, such as:-

Types of Correction Name What You Can Change
1. Add your first & last name
2. If you’ve any nickname of      your legal name
3. Add your middle name
4. Enter your legal last              name if there’s any
According to the Delta Airlines flight change policy, the alternate name must be similar with the government-issued id. Other than that, your other details such as DOB must match with the given ID by the government itself.
Enter your legal name if you have been married, divorced and adoption The OSI Delta airline name change waiver code can be accessible
Add your middle name on the Delta ticket If you want to change your middle name then you must re-reserve your ticket with the correct name. In this case, you may have to create a new PNR or a record locator.

Note:- This chart, as mentioned above, showcases how you can process the Delta name change request yourself. Remember to follow the below-mentioned instructions while processing the delta request:-

  • Restricted & non-restricted fare passengers can change their name under the Delta Name change policy.
  • You can only change the minor characters, which must be similar to the name on your PNR.
  • In most cases, the passengers can add or remove their middle name. The airline will most likely issue a new PNR, a defragment on the respected passenger. But, it can only happen if your booking involves a group setting or includes more than one passenger. Because if it does, then the airline will issue a new ticket in his name.
  • If you are processing a name change/correction request, add your secure flight passenger details again with your modified name. Remember, your newly changed name must be similar to your passport’s.
  • Remember to add an OSI entry while requesting a Delta Airlines flight.

Delta Airlines Name Change Fee

The name change procedure may require the passengers to pay a certain amount to the airline. The Delta airline will charge you between 125 dollars. But this is when you request a name change within 24 hours of your reservation. According to the Delta Airlines name correction policy, the airline would reissue the flight reservation in the same class of service. However, this may differ from the fare prices of the name change on the flight ticket.

Those who have booked their flight after 24 hours must pay at least $275 dollars, which will be considered a name change fee. However, the airline will reissue your booking in the same lower or the similar available class.

Concluding Thoughts

Making errors and mistakes are common human tendencies. It happens to many of us, and you can do nothing about it except make a few changes according to the Delta name correction policy. Passengers who make this type of mistake more often must understand the given guidelines of Delta’s Name Change Policy. This informative guide includes more exclusive tips and different ways by which one can make subtle changes. For more information or any other query, you can contact us via live chat facility or email at [].

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