Delta Airlines Name Change Policy

Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy

Delta Airlines allows minor corrections and other changes in the name with a valid legal reason like marriage, divorce, or any other. As per the norms updated in the Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy, passengers can make corrections up to three characters in their whole name. Other permissible changes that you can make in the Delta Flight ticket include Date of Birth, addition of title, space, or first and last name. Along with that, a name change fee will be charged by the airline if the same has been requested after the 24-hour booking period.

Passengers seeking for a name change in their Delta ticket can refer to the information below as part of the Name change policy of Delta Airlines. Through this information, you can make corrections in your Flight itineraries easily.

What is Delta Name Change on The Ticket Policy?

Based on the common correction queries mentioned above, the following guidelines are applicable as part of the Delta Airlines Name correction policy.

  • Passengers with Delta Airlines tickets can make minor corrections to the name on their Delta flight tickets through the official website of Delta.
  • The new name can be only of the passenger under whose name the original booking has been made. Name change indicating a ticket transfer to another person will not be permitted by Delta Airlines.
  • Name change requests can be made prior to Delta Airlines check-in only.
  • Once a name change has been accepted, a new ticket will be reissued for the passengers.
  • Passengers need to keep in mind that for their travel, only their first and last names will be crucial. The option to add a middle name is not mandatory.
  • In case of the following changes, you need to submit mandatory supporting documents Name changes (submit documents like court order, marriage/divorce certificate, or any other supporting document indicating your valid grounds).

The above guidelines are applicable to the Delta 006 ticket stock. In case of different types of tickets, you need to directly connect with a Delta Official. Either through the phone or at the Airport. In case you have a query that does not fit the criteria as per the Delta Name correction, then the only option will be Delta Airlines cancellation.

Can I Change My Name on an Airline Ticket at Delta?

Yes, Delta Airlines allows you to make minor corrections to your flight ticket. Or name change on account of legal reasons like Marriage/Divorce or any other. For name changes, you need to submit supporting documents. The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) Guidelines strictly mention that the passenger’s name on tickets should exactly match the one on the government-issued ID, failing which, they will be denied boarding. Following are some of the common queries for which Delta Permit changes/corrections:

  • Spelling Correction in the first, middle, or last name of the passengers.
  • Addition of middle or last name.
  • Inverted first and last name.
  • Addition of title (Mr, Mrs, Dr., or any other honorary title)

Different Ways to Change Name on a Delta Flight Ticket

Passengers can request the name change either through the official website, Delta Helpline Number (+1-844-402-8105), or by directly visiting the airport counter of Delta Airlines. The name change is not a part of Delta Flight Change and needs to be requested separately. In case of flight changes along with a name change, different request needs to be made on which separate fees will be applicable. Various ways through which you can request for name change on your flight have been discussed below:

How To Change Passenger Name on Delta Via Website?

  • Visit the official Delta Website. On the homepage click on “My Trips”
  • Either login through your SkyMiles account or provide the flight details (confirmation code). Click on the option to continue further.
  • Once the flight details are available on the screen, search for the option “ Delta Name Change on Ticket”
  • Provide the required change that you need to make on your Delta ticket. In case of legal name changes, submit the necessary documents like a Marriage certificate or any other.
  • Verify the changes made and confirm them. After that, a new ticket will be issued with the same PNR.
  • Make the necessary payment in case required.

How To Contact Delta Via Phone For Name Change On Delta?

  • Dial the Delta helpline number +1-844-402-8105.
  • You will be connected to an IVR operator, follow the instructions given by the operator, and press the desired as per your request accordingly.
  • Proceeding further, you will be connected to the Delta official with whom you can request to make desired changes in your ticket.
  • Provide the required correction changes carefully as name changes are allowed only once.
  • Make the payment if required.
  • Once the changes are made you will be reissued the ticket e-copy which will be sent to your email.

How To Change Name On Delta Flight Ticket At The Airport?

In case of a special request related to a name change in the Delta ticket, it is advisable for the passengers to directly visit the airport, especially in case of international travel.

Through offline means of the name change, you can directly convey your request, and if it is a special request that you are unable to do online through Delta’s phone number.

Dial the Delta Helpline Number for Special Request

Most of the changes in the ticket can be made online according to the Delta Airlines Name Correction policy. However, under some special circumstances, the passengers need to directly connect with a Delta expert through the helpline number (+1-844-402-8105). The following are the special circumstances:

  • Any flight to/from China or India. Delta has restricted name changes and corrections for the flight itineraries between USD and China.
  • Correction in the last name for more than three letters.
  • Name correction has already been made once and there is a requirement for further name change and ticket reissue.

Delta Name Correction/Change Policy For Domestic & International Flights

Delta Airlines advises passengers to follow the same guidelines for name change in case of both domestic and international travel. However, certain restrictions are there requesting the name change for passengers on a flight between the USA and China. In that case, you need to connect directly with a live person a Delta Airlines. The same goes for the flight between the USA and India.

How Much Does It Cost to Change Name on Delta Airline Ticket

Anyone with minor corrections or name changes eligible under the guidelines of Delta’s name change policy can request the same within 24 hours for free.

After the 24-hour period, passengers will have to pay a name change fee which can be between USD 75-500. While the middle does not matter much on Delta Travel, you can avoid the same and save some money.


The Delta Airlines permit changes in case of minor corrections and name changes due to legal reasons. Other changes apart from the name but can be requested during name change request include Gender and date of birth for which the passenger needs to submit supporting documents. Name changes can be requested only once and for further changes, you need to dial the Delta helpline or proceed to Delta Airlines cancellation. No request for changes in the flight ticket can be accepted after check-in. For international travel to India and China and having a change request you have to connect with a live person on Delta.

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, the airlines permit name correction (up to 3 characters) and name changes due to legal reasons. Other changes that can be requested by passengers include Gender and Date of Birth. Apart from name correction, for any kind of changes, you need to submit legal documents.

The Delta only considers first and last names during flight itineraries. There are no such mandatory requirements for the passenger to later request to add a middle name to their flight ticket.

Yes, you can change your name on the Skymiles account for which you need to log in and then fill out the required form along with the necessary documents.

As per the Delta Airlines Name correction policy, after 24 hours of booking any name change request made by the passenger will cost them between $ 75-500. A name change can be made only once after you need to connect with the Delta official or might have to rebook your flight itineraries.

No, you can make only minor corrections in your name. Other changes will require mandatory documents confirming that the same passenger is requesting. The Delta Airlines Name correction policy strictly restricts the passenger from transferring the flight itineraries to another person’s name.

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