Qatar Airways Flight Delay Compensation

Qatar Airways has numerous flights to and from different routes around the world. Flights can be canceled or delayed due to unfavorable weather, climate, or technical problems. Wondering what to do in such situations? So, don’t panic. Dive into this blog to get your queries regarding “Qatar Airways flight delay compensation” solved. Qatar always prioritizes its customers and makes all the efforts to provide the best services to the passengers. 

What is Qatar Airways' Flight Delay compensation policy?

Here are some important points of the Qatar Airways compensation policy:

  • You will receive Qatar Airways flight compensation for technical faults, weather disruptions, mechanical issues, etc.

  • Regarding Qatar Airways flight cancellations or delays, you will be eligible for food, drinks, and other compensation.

  • Additionally, the airline will provide you with accommodation and transportation if an airline mistake occurs.

  • If your flight gets delayed by more than 3 hours, you can claim Qatar Airways delay compensation in monetary form.

  • Additionally, if Qatar Airways assigns you another flight, you will not be eligible for compensation.

How Much Can You Claim For Your Qatar Delay?

The amount of your delay compensation depends on various factors of your flight, such as the distance of your flight and the duration of your delay.

However, for a flight between 1500 km, you can claim compensation up to €250. If the distance of the flight is between 1500 and 3500 km, you can get compensation up to €400. Also, if the flight is above 3500 km, you can claim compensation up to €600.

How To Claim Qatar Airways Flight Delay Compensation?

If your Qatar Airways flights get delayed by more than 3 hours and it was due to the airline’s fault, in this case, you will be entitled to get flight delay compensation up to €600. However, there are two best ways to claim your compensation, which are as follows:

Qatar Airways Flight Delay Compensation Via Online

You can easily claim Qatar Airways delay compensation online. Go to Qatar Airways’ website. Find the compensation form. Fill out the form with all the necessary details and upload the important documents. Once the airline gets your compensation request, the representatives will evaluate it. If you are eligible, you will receive compensation. However, Qatar Airways pays compensation in various ways, such as vouchers, travel credits, etc.

Qatar Airways Flight Delay Compensation Via Phone Call

If you want to request Qatar Airways flight delay compensation, simply call 844-402-8105 or visit the “Contact US” section on the official website. Once you dial the number, follow the IVR instructions to meet your needs. Within a few minutes, a Qatar Airways live representative will connect to you and provide them with details such as the booking confirmation number, passenger name, etc. Lastly, the representative should request compensation for the delayed flight on Qatar Airways.

What Documents Do You Need to Claim Compensation from Qatar Airways?

Before requesting the Qatar Airways flight delay compensation, you must ensure to keep these documents with you:

  • Identity proof: You must keep the necessary documents, such as a visa, passport, residence card, or Valid ID, to prove your identity. However, providing these valid documents can ease your delay compensation process.

  • Reservation confirmation: You must keep the booking confirmation ticket or number, as this document proves that you had bookings with Qatar Airways. However, you can find this document in your “booking section” or email. In case you can’t find your ticket, you can request Qatar Airways to send a copy.

  • Boarding pass or confirmation from Qatar Airways: Documents such as boarding passes or flight tickets are evidence of your intent to travel on the delayed flight. It would also help to keep your boarding pass or any written communication from Qatar Airways acknowledging their fault.

  • Receipts of additional expenses: You must ensure that you keep all the receipts of the expenses incurred due to the flight delay, such as meals, hotels, transportation, or new flight tickets. 


At Qatar Airways, passenger satisfaction is paramount, and the airline strives to provide the best possible services to its travelers. As part of this commitment, Qatar Airlines compensates passengers in case of delayed arrival at their destination. To claim your compensation for a delayed Qatar Airlines flight, please follow the steps outlined in this blog. If you want more information regarding Etihad flight delay compensation, call 1-844-402-8105. 

Frequently Asked Question

For compensation, it is the time that you arrived at your destination that's significant, not the time that you took off. So even if you technically departed on time, you may be eligible for compensation if you arrived at your destination more than 3 hours late.

To receive compensation for delayed flights, call your airline's customer service line or go to the customer service desk if you are at the airport to file a claim. However, you will only be compensated if the delay is within the airline's control and not weather-related.

Suppose your flight is delayed for 2 hours at departure. In that case, you're entitled to assistance (drinks, meals, communications) and, if necessary, hotel accommodation (including transport between the airport and the place of accommodation) depending on the flight distance and length of the delay.

To initiate the Qatar Airways compensation claim process, it is necessary to file a Baggage Irregularity Report with the airline within seven days from the flight's arrival date. If the luggage is still missing after 21 days, it is considered lost, and the Qatar Airways compensation claim process can be initiated.

Your replacement flight must get you to your end destination within two hours of the original arrival time, or the airline must compensate you for time loss.

The US Department of Transportation imposes a fine of up to US$27,500 per passenger for planes left on the tarmac for more than three hours without taking off or four hours for international flights.

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