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The process to upgrade your seating in the airlines has now become more complicated than it was already. First of all, certain parameters need to be cleared, after which, based on your travel, you can apply for upgradation. Moreover, the process to request flight upgradation is a step-wise process. All these things are here covered in this blog post, where we will discuss how you to upgrade to business class on United Airlines. Moreover, we will discuss all the aspects of United Airlines upgrade policy. So, hang on to learn more about United Airlines travel policy. 

What Are the Various Options Available to Secure a Seat Upgrade on United Airlines?

Various options are available for passengers through which they can apply for a United Airlines seat upgrade. These options are:

  • Complimentary Premier Upgrade for Elite members: Any passengers with the status of Elite Member are provided complimentary seat upgrades on a domestic flight. 
  • Mileage Members: Next option available for the passenger to secure a seat upgrade is through the miles awarded to them from previous bookings. 
  • Upgrade through Plus Points: premier members like the platinum and 1K members have the option to purchase the upgrade available on United Airlines or any other partner airlines through the plus points available in their account. 
  • Premier members with Y and B fares or Plus 1K members with M fares have the option for an instant upgrade. 

How you Can Find the Seats Available for Upgrade in the United Airlines

The number of seats available for upgrade in any travel class can be determined while searching for a particular flight. For that, you need to change your search preferences to Expert mode through your United Airlines account. To find the number of seats available on any United Airlines flight, follow the given steps:

  • On the official website of United Airlines, you need to log in through your Mileage Plus Account
  • Open your profile section, where you need to change your Search Preference to Expert Mode. 
  •  The expert mode will let you access seat availability information for any flight. 
  • In the details tab, you can find the number of seats available in each fare class, seats available for upgrade, and other useful information regarding seat availability. 

Common Upgrades Available for the Passengers:

  • RN: Instant business upgrade available for the premier status members with Y or B fares types.
  • PN: these also include instant business upgrades available for the premier 1K member with Y, B, or M fares. 
  • R/PZ: Upgrades available for economy passengers to business or first class on any domestic flight. 
  • ON: Indication of any available upgrade for the business class passengers to first class. 

Who will be Given the First Priority for the Upgrade in United Airlines?

Various factors are considered in deciding who will be given the first priority while upgrading a seat on United Airlines. Here the Elite member status of the passenger matters. Another thing that is kept under consideration while providing the upgrade is the means through which you are going to pay while applying for an upgrade, which means the passengers who are paying for the upgrade and the ones who have plus points or using miles to upgrade will be given different priority for seat upgrades on United Airlines. 

The ranking order for United Airlines seat upgrades goes from the Airline’s best client to Premier 1K, followed by Premier Platinum, Premier Gold, and then Silver. The same order is followed. Based on the availability of seat upgrades, complimentary upgrades are available for these elite members. 

Waiting List Priority for United Airlines Upgrades

While upgrades are awarded on a first-come-first-serve basis, the waiting list is created when upgrades are not provided instantly. In the waiting, the person whose name is on the top will automatically qualify for an upgrade within the time of 3 hours of the flight’s scheduled departure. After that, the waiting list is prepared where the priority is given in the following order:

  • Premier 1K member with the Y/B/M travel fare class. 
  • Plus Point Members
  • Mileage Plus Membership status of the passengers. 
  • Travel Class of passengers 

Passengers travelling with Award tickets are provided the least priority while preparing the waiting list for seat upgrades. 

How to Request for Seat Upgrade in United Airlines

While complimentary upgrades are offered based on their travel class and elite member status, other passengers can easily request an upgrade through cash, travel credits, and the miles available in their Mileage Plus account. 

Passengers can request the upgrade in United Airlines from the official website. There, all you need to do is to log in through your Mileage Plus Account, after which you can easily locate the option to upgrade your seat on an existing booking or during the flight booking process.

Use Miles for United Upgrade

This is the most convenient option for passengers to upgrade their seats on United Airlines. Passengers with available miles in their account can request an upgrade irrespective of their travel class.

United Airlines Upgrade Cost

Another option to upgrade a United Airlines seat is through a payment option. The United Airlines sear upgrade cost will depend on the journey distance. Passengers can also utilize the co-pay option, where they can use both miles and the payment option together for upgrading their seats.

How Many Miles Do you Need to Upgrade your United Airlines Seating?

The number of miles required for the passengers in order to upgrade their seating in United Airlines depends on various factors like:

  • Distance of your Journey
  • Elite status of the member.
  • Fare class of the passengers 
  • Availability of the upgrade. 

Request for Upgrade from United Airlines to other Partner Airlines

This option is available exclusively for the Mileage Plus members of United Airlines. Following are the parameters that passenger have to fulfill while requesting for seat upgrade from United to other partner airlines:

  • You must request a seat upgrade in the airline that comes under the Star Alliance.
  • Seat upgrades will depend on seat availability.
  • You need to request for seat upgrade in partner airlines atleast 331 days before the flight’s scheduled flight departure. 
  • A maximum of 4 passengers can request for an upgrade in the same reservation. 

Tips for the Passengers to Get first Priority for Seat Upgrade in United Airlines

Below are some of the tips that passengers can refer to in case of a seat Upgrade at United Airlines.

  • Passengers can create a Mileage Plus account which is given first priority over other passengers who are paying for seat upgrades.
  • Elite members are provided with complimentary upgrades.
  • You can volunteer to give up your seat on the basis of which you can be offered for upgrade. 
  • Last-Minute upgrades sometimes do not include any United Airlines Upgrade Cost

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Above, we have provided all the available information which you need to know while requesting a seat upgrade on United Airlines. Talking of United Airlines’ upgrade cost, varies from passenger to passenger on the basis of various factors. Upgrading through miles is a  better option than one through case or other payment means. Now, for further information, you can connect with Tours N Travel Pro, where we provide all the available information on different travel policies of various airlines. Click on the live chat or Email at [] to connect with us instantly for any assistance regarding your airline booking.

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